SEP Project Overview

SEP Project Overview: 

Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation (PKSF) is implementing the five year long (2018-2023) ‘Sustainable Enterprise Project (SEP)’ with the financial assistance of World Bank to address the increasing importance of enhancing environmental sustainability and sustaining the economic progress of the microenterprises. The project is assisting 40,000 microenterprises (MEs) from the agriculture and manufacturing sectors of Bangladesh to equip them to adopt environmentally sustainable practices and scale up their product quality and brand development capacity. A total of 64 sub-projects from 30 different business sub-sectors have been selected for this project. The project consists of three components: (a) enhancing services and enabling systems, (b) strengthened access to finance for commercially viable environmentally friendly and resilient microenterprises, and (c) project management, knowledge management, and monitoring and evaluation. The project prioritizes a selected number of polluting microenterprise business clusters and supports the expansion of innovative economic activities conducive to a more sustainable environment